STUDENT - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I communicate with and send messages to a tutor?

Being a free member you won’t be able to contact the tutors as you won’t be able to see their details but if you become a first-class member in our site then you check the contact details of all the tutors who are registered member. But as a free member you can have the access of only few tutor profiles who are first-class member in our site but not all.

How do I know if a tutor is qualified?

We verify each and every tutor who gets registered in our site and you can also see their profile details when we make them verify and active from our end. However, for peace of mind we always recommend that you ask to see any credentials your tutor has.

I’ve found a tutor and we’ve agreed a fee. Do I need to pay anything extra

No. The only fee you ever pay us is the monthly student subscription fee – anything agreed between you and a tutor remains between you and the tutor, and we will never ask for a commission.

If I upgrade as a First-Class Member can you guarantee finding me a tutor?

We will be only providing you with the details of each and every tutor who are registered in our site nd to talk with them and take tuition from them is totally upon you. But if any tutor is opting for our 2nd option then we recommend the tutor or the student to take up a particular tuition or hire for a particular student. Our suggestion is that you register for free and then search our vast database of tutors and centers – if you don’t find any of interest, then there’s no need to be a First-Class member.

Where does tuition take place? Will I need to travel?

This is totally between the student and the tutor. This could be at your own home if the tutor is willing to travel, or at another location you both agree does not interfere in the negotiation process between you and your tutor.

How much should I pay for tuition?

We take care on this part only when a tutor or a tutorial center is opting for the 2nd option we have in our site. But if they go for the 1st option then we do not interfere in negotiating fees or anything else.